My work analyzes certain aspects that define our human nature, particularly the artificial world we inhabit and the nonsense that it generates.

I work with fictional scenarios that are extreme to the point where they become contradictory.

My creative process is neurotic, obsessive, full of uncertainties that are solved by the work itself. That’s why I like to be involved in all stages of production, it helps me to stay focused on little things like crocheting a kidney or baking a cake while I work out an idea. Photography allows me to capture the final product of this process.

In recent years I’ve integrated knitted and crocheted objects into my work. Originally I used them to represent a variety of subjects: the creation of a safe place, creativity at its most basic form, an obsession channeled in an attempt to preserve mental health or a creation that destroys and consumes it’s creator, like Frankenstein’s monster. Now I consider it a versatile medium that allows me to make soft, absurd representations of almost anything. I think of these objects, which are clearly artificial, as a simple form of hand-made fiction.

I like to work in the in-betweens, in that place between certainty and uncertainty, between what is real and what is imagined, the place where concepts swivel and contradict themselves, where opposites meet to complete their cycle.